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2023 -24 Sports Schedules

Sports Information

View the All Sports Information Sheet here.

View the Fall Sports Information Sheet here.

View the Winter Sports Information Sheet here.

View Non-Public School Student Participation Guidelines here. (Senate Bill 113)

Fall Sports require Heat Illness and Concussion Training

All athletes who wish to participate in a fall sport must complete an online course on heat illness and concussions. The courses are available for free through the NFHS website (see below). Once the training is complete, students should turn in their completion certificate to their coach on or before the first day of practice.

Navigate to: NFHS Learn

Student-athletes should create an account for themselves to be used each year.

Search the courses for the following two courses:

You must "purchase" these courses, but there is no cost. Once they have been "purchased," students can complete applicable courses at their own pace. Print the certificate upon completion. If you are unable to print the certificates, please email them to, and certificates will be sent to the sports coaches. Please indicate to which sport the certificate needs to be delivered in the email.

Winter and Spring Sports require ONLY concussion training.

Sportsmanship and KSHSAA Rule 52

Student-athletes at Shawnee Heights Middle School will represent themselves, their families, and their schools in a positive a respectful way. We will adhere to Rule 52 at SHMS in every sense possible.

Rule 52

Section 1: General Regulation (apply to grades 7-12)

Art. 1: SPORTSMANSHIP is a general way of thinking and behaving. The following sportsmanship policy items are listed below for clarification:

a. Be courteous to all (participants, coaches, officials, staff and fans).

b. Know the rules, abide by and respect the official’s decisions.

c. Win with character and lose with dignity.

d. Display appreciation for good performance regardless of the team.

e. Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon yourself, team and school.

f. Permit only positive sportsmanlike behavior to reflect on your school or its activities.


To be eligible to participate in athletics students must have passed 5-semester courses in their previous semester. 7th graders are automatically eligible for their fall semester, but spring semester eligibility depends on their fall semester grades. Only grades earned during the regular school year count toward eligibility.

In addition to semester grades, current weekly grades must also be maintained above passing.

SHMS Eligibility Policy

Student-athletes at Shawnee Heights Middle School will maintain a high level of academic achievement. In addition to the KSHSAA requirement of passing 5 classes each semester, SHMS will maintain a weekly eligibility policy to support student’s academic success.

Students who have two or more failing grades will be deemed ineligible and will be unable to participate in competitions. Ineligible students are allowed to practice but may be required to do additional study hall time at the coach's direction.

Every Tuesday morning, the Athletic Director will provide coaches with a list of their student-athletes who have two or more failing grades. Coaches will address student-athletes and provide support to help them improve their grades. When the student-athlete brings one or both grades to passing, they will become immediately eligible and be allowed to participate in all competitions.

Student-athletes who are habitually (3 or more weeks) failing the same class may be deemed ineligible by their coach with the support of the Athletic Director. Coaches will address this policy with their student-athletes, and their parents so there is clarity on their specific expectations. There may be exceptions to these rules as determined by the Athletic Director.

Ticket and Game Information

Admission to home games are priced $4 for an adult ticket and $2 for a student ticket.

Season passes are available in the main office and are priced $25 for a single adult, $16 for a single student and $50 for a family. These season passes are good for any home middle school athletic event.

Students and children should be supervised by an adult at all events.

Gates open and tickets will be sold 30 minutes before game time. Game times are listed on schedules.