SHMS students may select from a wide variety of athletics and co-curricular activities.

Please view the Sports Information Letter for all sports here.

All athletes must have a physical on file BEFORE the first day of practice! The physical must be turned in to the office before the athlete can attend practice (no exceptions).   All athletes must watch the NFHS videos.  We would encourage parents to watch them with their children.  Here are the links to NFHS:

Once you are on the NFHS page, set up an account. The accounts are free to set up. Be sure to choose the video for Kansas.  Once your child has watched the video, the athlete needs to take a screenshot of the screen and send it to his or her head coach or print the certificate and bring it with him or her to the athlete’s first practice/tryout. 

Head Coaches and Sponsors




7th Grade Football

Erich Singer

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8th Grade Football

Jason Brown

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7th/8th Grade XC

Zach Walker

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7th Grade Volleyball

Shannon Swift

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8th Grade Volleyball

Eisa Mondragon

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7th /8th Grade Wrestling

Boys & Girls

Charles Walther  

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7th Grade Girls Basketball

Kelsey Riedel

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8th Grade Girls Basketball

Kristy Euwer-Ideker

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7th Grade Boys Basketball

Tracy Kutscher

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8th Grade Boys Basketball

Nokomis Jackson

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7th/8th Boys Track and Field

Zach Walker

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7th/8th Girls Track and Field

Rachel Wooten

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7th /8th Dance

Roberta Freeman

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7th/8th Cheer

Annie Seel

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School Play

Suzann Godinez

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7th/8th Grade Bowling

Shannon Swift

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Matt Mace

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Students in a performing arts class will have one concert per quarter. Additionally, the choir instructor will direct a play/musical and talent show each year (auditions required.)


Students who share a niche interest or hobby may have success in recruiting teachers to sponsor an after-school club. These clubs will be advertised as more information becomes available.

SHMS sports, activities, and club fans, please submit pictures to for consideration in the 22-23 yearbook!
Attendance may need to be kept low but we would all love to see those pictures in the yearbook!  - Mrs. Robinett